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Kenko Automatic Extension Tube Set DG (for Sony E-mount FE (Full Frame) & APS-C)
Kenko Automatic Extension Tube Set DG (for Sony E-mount FE (Full Frame) & APS-C)

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The DG Extension Tube Set for Sony FE (Full Frame) & APS-C E-mount by Kenko is a set of two extension tubes for mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras. This set has tubes of 10mm and 16mm. The tubes can be used individually or in combination to obtain the desired magnification.

Extension tubes are hollow cylinders without optics designed to enable a camera's lens to focus closer than its minimum focusing distance and therefore provide more magnification. They are placed between the lens and body and are particularly useful in allowing lenses without macro capability to shoot macro, but in general, they offer increased magnification for whatever need.

An extension tube increases lens magnification by an amount equal to the extension distance divided by the lens focal length. For example, adding a 25 mm extension tube to a 50 mm lens will give a magnification gain of 0.5X. Therefore, if the lens's original magnification was 0.15X, then the new magnification will be 0.15X + 0.5X = 0.65X

Kenko's Auto Focus extension tubes are designed with all the circuitry and mechanical coupling to maintain auto focus and TTL auto exposure with Sony E-mount lenses. Please note the following:

  • When using extension tubes the lens will not focus to infinity. The focus range will be greatly limited to a very close focusing distance
  • There is light fall off when using any extension tube, sometimes the equivalent of 3 f-stops of light is lost when using multiple extension tubes together. This light lost can affect the camera's ability to auto focus. Manual focusing is recommended should the lens begin to "hunt" (not lock onto the subject)

Length of tubes 10mm 16mm
Diaphragm coupling Perfect coupling
TTL.EE metering Perfect coupling
Diameter of tubes approx. 61.5mm
Weight approx. 44g (~1.55 oz) approx. 65g (~2.29 oz)
Mount Available for Sony FE (Full Frame) E-mount & Sony APS-C E-mount

What is in the box: 10mm Extension Tube, 16mm Extension Tube, User Manual

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